A Whole New World – My First Blog Post

Hello! Hi! Hello!


My name is Katie and this is the start of my new world that includes blogging! I’ve been thinking about this honestly since the start of the year, and have just now decided to actually write something. Probably because I have a couple of assignments to do and study for exams, but at least the blog has been started… procrastination at its best.

I want to use this post to introduce you to me a little bit and let you know what I hope to write about in the future.

I am currently a second year public relations student at Deakin University and I study at the Geelong campus. I grew up in a cute country town in north east Victoria called Beechworth. It’s a very popular tourist spot because of the heritage aesthetic, haunted mental asylum (not that I believe in ghosts), and the fact that Ned Kelly was imprisoned there for a little bit. It was such a beautiful place to grow up and it makes my heart warm and fuzzy just thinking about the next time I’ll be back there. Alas, university was calling my name and I had to move four and a half hours away to study. I decided I wanted to study in Geelong over Melbourne because it wasn’t such a huge lifestyle change from Beechworth. I didn’t think I would survive moving from a town of 4,000 to one of Australia’s largest cities. I’m still to scared to drive in that crazy traffic. After I visited the Deakin Geelong campus I knew that it would be a much better fit for me than the big smoke. It’s only an hour and a half train trip into Melbourne anyway.

I decided to study public relations because I enjoy writing and it was one of my best subjects at school. I also have always been really interested in the media and how it works and thought this career pathway would provide me with opportunities to work in the media and in the entertainment industry. I am also an organiser. I am always that friend that makes all the plans and ensures that everyone understands what’s happening and that it fits in with everyone’s lives. So a career in public relations seemed like it would be a good fit for me.

I really want to incorporate my love of entertainment into my future career. I am so interested in film and tv and have always been obsessed with behind the scenes features on dvd’s. It is my dream to be able to work in that environment one day and I have the passion behind me to ensure I will be an effective communicator in that type of setting.

So that’s a little about me. If you’re reading this let me know some things about you in the comments and we can get to know each other better.

At the moment this blog will consist of me sharing my thoughts on my career pathway and plans that I have for the future. But there will also be posts where I talk about things happening in the media industry and sharing my thoughts on subjects that I love. I watch a lot of movies so I’m planning to do some reviews, as well as sharing my thoughts on current tv shows from both Australia and internationally.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my ramble, I’ll be back real soon.


Katie B